Facemask Make & Give

As seen on CTV News:

“I protect you, you protect me.”

Who would have thought just a couple weeks ago that we’d be in this situation? COVID-19 has changed our lives.

What we know:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like N95 masks are scarce and being rationed
  2. Health care workers are putting themselves at risk to care for our communities
  3. We each have an important role to play in flattening the curve of this pandemic

In response to a friend's call for help to aid health care workers, Life More Simple has launched our Facemask Make & Give Campaign.

How You Can Help:

  • Sew
    We need seamstresses in the Outaouais region to help sew masks)
  • Deliveries
    We need people to help deliver materials to our seamstresses, collect finished masks, and mail or deliver masks to those who need them
  • Reach Out
    Contact places that might need masks

    Click here to fill our our Google Form with details on how you're able to help. Or you can also:

  • Donate
    Contribute to our GoFundMe campaign to help get free masks to health care workers

Another way we can all help protect each other is by wearing a cloth facemask if we have to go out into public. This video says it all, “I protect you, you protect me.”

While a cloth facemask doesn’t offer the same level of protection as an N95 mask, they can help prevent those who are ill from spreading sickness to others. And with 25% of positive cases of COVID-19 being asymptomatic, this is critical.

In this battle for the well-being of our country, some unlikely heroes have come forward. Hundreds of seamstresses from around the country have risen to the occasion to sew cloth facemasks to fill a desperate need. We at Life More Simple are using a facemask pattern recommended by health care professionals which allows for a tighter seal around the face than the common surgical mask style many people are sewing. We’ve also added a washable felt filter based on these recommendations.

We are working hard to make these cloth masks available to healthcare workers and care providers at cost or for free. To help support this campaign and protect everyone, they are also available to the general public. They can be
ordered individually for $15, or in packs of 25 at a discounted price of $14.00 per mask.

Thanks again, and stay safe!
Life More Simple Team